Afterlife: Erotic Nights out in Preston


May 2009

We are no longer at Blowing Wild

We are sorry to announce that due to factors entirely beyond our control, Afterlife will no longer be held at Blowing Wild.

We still have most of our equipment and are in the process of getting a new venue. Unfortunately, we cannot announce the new venue until it is finalised. Nor can we say when the next night will be because we need to establish how much work needs to be done installing the equipment.

Please remember that it is in our interests to publicise the details as quickly as possible. So an announcement will be made the minute there is something to announce.

April 2009

The Vault Closes

Due to personal circumstances, The Vault will be closing at the end of April.

AfterLife is not affected, and will continue to be held at The Courtyard Bar and will not be affected by the closure of The Vault. The pony play event in May will also be unaffected and will be continuing as planned.

All the Equipment that is owned by the club will be up for sale from the end of April and there will be more updates on this as and when we have more details.

More details on Informed Consent.

March 2009

Spanking 'brings couples together'

Excellent article in New Scientist this week about the research paper Hormonal Changes and Couple Bonding in Consensual Sadomasochistic Activity.

Nice to see some sensible mentions of BDSM in the media for once.

Indoor Pony Play Day

There will be an indoor Pony Play Day in the Preston area on Saturday, 23rd May from 9am to 5pm. The venue is an un-heated factory unit and there is plenty of space for sulkie racing and obstacle course, as well as dressage and lots of other fun and games.

Everyone is welcome, whether experienced or new to the pony play scene. Several highly skilled and experienced ponies and trainers have already confirmed they will be attending.

Local B&B accommodation is available at £40 per night for a double room. Also, the Travelodge at Preston Farmers Office, New Hall Lane (I believe the rooms must be booked 21 days in advance to obtain their cheapest rate).

Refreshments will be available, as will toilets and changing facilities. Ample car parking is also available. Admission is £5 per person.

For those of you who still have the energy, The Vault will be open from 9pm.

For further information, please see . I hope to see you there

January 2009

Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008

The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 has just come in to effect. This act makes the possession or publication of 'extreme pornographic' images an offense punishable by up to 3 years imprisonment.

Some things you need to know about the act:

  • It does not cover pictures of illegal acts.
    It does not matter if the act portrayed is entirely legal and consensual, the picture is a crime.
  • It does not matter if the pictures are private.
    If you took some private polaroids in a locked room 10 years ago and kept them in a locked safe they can still send you to prison.
  • They do not have to be photographs.
    The law covers pictures created 'by any means'. So sketches, cartoons, embroidery, etch-a-sketch and shadow puppets are all out.
  • Pictures can be made illegal by context alone.
  • So, even if a set of pictures are innocuous, they become illegal if they can be arranged into a story or placed next to text that could be found objectionable.

What this means for the Afterlife site

The site will no longer carry any pictures of people in the presence of play equipment.

The private members area had too many pictures to check and so is being replaced by a forum.

Afterlife and The Vault, a Clarification

People are expressing concerns regarding Afterlife and issues may be vague regarding the Afterlife event and venue, where Afterlife is held at the Court Yard Bar, Blowing Wild Club, Grimshaw Street, Preston, PR1 3DD.

Since the Afterlife January event, it has been a hectic month with development of the new dungeon playroom. False walls going up, painting carpet going down and electric's being installed etc. Court Yard staff have been a huge help in the development off this new playroom. Other Afterlife personal, tink and I have been working hard to ensure the new playroom will be ready for Saturday 7th February for the Afterlife event.

Since the January event other developments have occurred with the Vault moving from Corporation Street in Manchester to Preston and taking over the leash at the Court Yard Bar from February. The management of the vault have been working hard and developing the Court Yard Bar as they want it to ensure the venue is a great success.

This has meant that there will be extra play equipment in the venue from the vault along side the other play equipment that was originally their for the Afterlife event.

Afterlife will continue its monthly event on the first Saturday of the month with hiring the venue from the vault from 9pm until 3am and will be still fully licensed premises.

Valid Afterlife membership will still continue for members of Afterlife. There will be no price change for the event, Members £6.00 and Non-members £8.00 for entry to the Afterlife event. Afterlife membership is an independent membership to the Afterlife event and is not valid membership to other monthly events being organised, held by the vault at the Court Yard Bar.

If Afterlife members are wishing to attend other organised events being held at the vault on a monthly basis, then members of Afterlife will be required to take out the vault membership to enter the monthly events or to hire the venue.

The Vault membership is £15 per year and as a member will be able to attend events and arrange private hire of the club or its play room for yourself.

Saturday 7th February 2009


Afterlife will continue to have its usual once a month slot at The Vault.

The grand opening of the new club, the vault, this will now is a combined event. Afterlife will continue to have its usual once a month slot at The Vault, the first Saturday from the month. The venue will have more play space with the dungeon area being completed for the Saturday 7th February; also have a better and improved soft seat area and conservatory area. The venue will be fully licensed till 3 am on the 7th February.

People do travel when visiting Afterlife and accommodation can be arranged with a local B&B.

There will be also retailers at this event latex 101, Devus and other retailers attending the event.

The event will be open from 9pm until 3am.

Admission for the event £6.00 per person No ticket required, can pay on the door.

All the equipment will be available for play if that is what you wish.

The event is open to all and welcome all to attend.

We, look forward in seeing you all there and invite you to the opening of the new club venue on the 7th February 2009.

A big thank you to all Afterlife members in supporting the Afterlife event also to all that has given their time to help out with Afterlife and the development of Afterlife.

All the very best, to Jake in the success of the new club the Vault.


Afterlife Krew

The Vault: New Adult Club in Preston

The Vault, formerly MUD has moved to Preston. They are now based in The Courtyard Bar, the same venue as Afterlife. The will be hosting a range of new Adult nights. Details of these will appear on the Afterlife calendar when I get them.

As a result of all this, the 7th of February will now be a combined Afterlife and Vault Grand Opening. This pushes the Masked Ball forwards into February.

Masked Ball for March

masked ball

December 2008

Preston Play Munch

Preston Munch in conjunction with Afterlife are pleased to announce their December Event (Please note change of Munch location for this month only)

This will be held on Wednesday 10th December at the Courtyard Bar at the Blowing Wild Club. The evening will commence with the munch and a Jacobs Join starting at 7.30-9.30pm (Please bring buffet food for table). Play night 9.30 until 2.00am (Equipment provided by Afterlife) Fetish dress code applies, Dress Code; Smart black dress - Black shirt, Black trousers acceptable, PVC, Leather, Rubber, Uniform, Goth etc.

Please note that for this month only a dress code applies as above for the munch. There will also be an admission charge of £7 to cover the cost of the venue hire (payable on the door).

Hope to see lots of you there!

November 2008

New Venue

From 6 December we will be in our new venue, the Courtyard Bar, (still part of the Blowing Wild complex).

The new venue is more suitable because it is sub-divided into two rooms. It is newly decorated, and much warmer.

September 2008

Free Drinks

The first 50 people through the door at the September Afterlife get a free drink at the bar. Compliments of the new management.

August 2008

New Prices

  • Members £6
  • Non-members £8

Annual Membership is open from Saturday 6th September until 31st December 2008 and costs £10. It runs September until September.

Bar Prices

As some of you noticed, there was a price increase at the bar last month. This is nothing to with the organisers of Afterlife, we did not even know about it until it was bought to our attention.

Blowing Wild now has a new manager, a this week we were able to meet him and pass on your concerns. The new manager agrees that the situation is unreasonable and the prices are being revised downwards.

We cannot post a price list yet, but we will do as soon as possible. We can assure you though that whatever the prices are, they will be the same as the club downstairs.

New Equipment

  • Bondage Frame
    Large enough for suspension.
  • Wall Shackles
    Behind the dance floor.
  • School Desk
    In the naughty corner.

July 2008

BBC Article

Britain's secretive S&M scene

Guardian Article

There is an article about BDSM in today's Guardian.

November 2007

Hallowe'en 2007
Two Competitions

Pumpkin Head

On 5 November we will be running two competitions.

Pumpkin Competition

Bring your carved pumpkins along to light the evening. Prize for the best.

Costume Competition

Prize for the best or most outrageous costume.


The prizes will be a DVD Player and a film.

20 May 2007

New Prices

  • £7.50 Basic Admission Price
  • £5 Members Admission
  • £10 Cost of Membership

From June, we need to put our prices up. This will allow us to get some money together for new equipment and decorations.

Membership has its Privileges

However, we are introducing a membership system to keep the cost down for regulars.

Members are entitled to a free drink when they arrive, and any other privileges that we can think of. Please use the forum for suggestions.

1 May 2007

Late Bar

From now on, the bar will stay open until 3am.

March 2007

Vampires Ball

bite me

At last a competition that you can really get your teeth stuck into!

Our theme for Saturday 3 March is Vampires' Ball. As usual, there will be DVDs as prizes for the best costumes.

Confirmed prizes so far are:

Nightwatch 28 Days Later

25 February 2007


The site now has a book shop page. Afterlife does not actually sell these books, they are from Amazon.

If you have any recommendations for the book page, please e-mail them in.

2 February 2007

Vampires' Ball

Our theme for Saturday 3 March is Vampires Ball. As usual, there will be prizes for the best costumes.

See the competitions page for the latest details.

30 December 2006

New January Night

Due to popular demand, we will be running a night in January after all. See you all on Saturday 20 January.

Preston Munch

An new BDSM munch is being organised in Preston. The first meeting is 17 January at 8 0'clock in the Old Black Bull.

Hallowe'en 2006

The winner

Congratulations to Sam who won the pumpkin carving competition.

She wins the Box of Blood, a set of vampire films.
The winning pumpkin

18 August 2006

BBC Wedding Stories

We have been contacted by a BBC researcher in search of interesting people who are soon to be married.

Dear Mike

Good to talk to you just now. As I said on the phone, it would be great if you could display some information about Wedding Stories for the attention of your members.

BBC Flyer

By way of background, the BBC is making a 6 part documentary series about marriage and weddings, and we are looking for couples who are happy to be filmed in the months leading up to their big day. We are looking for lively and engaging people who are getting married anytime before mid-November 2006.

The aim of the series is to represent the different kinds of relationships that exist in Britain today. Each of the couples we eventually film with will be from very different walks of life, cultures and religions. Some will have extraordinary stories to tell and others will be very straightforward. Each film will hopefully provide a fascinating insight into the world of modern relationships and will chart the highs and lows of planning the most important day in people¹s lives.

Please be so kind as to distribute the attached flyer to your members - both on your website and at the next Club night.

Anyone interested in taking part should contact us on

Hallowe'en Competition

Remember the cool pumpkin heads last year? Well, this year, there will be a prize for the best one. See the competition page for details.

Theme Nights

Themes for the rest of 2006:

  • 2 September: Scary Fairy Tales
  • 7 October: Masked Ball
  • 4 November: Extreme Hallowe'en
  • 2 December: Christmas

6 August 2006

Our Birthday

Afterlife has now been going for over a year, so we had a party. And if you were on holiday last weekend, you missed it!

We had cakes with birthday candles, free magazines and sweets and some very well received ice-lollies.

Whip Workshop in Preston 26 August

The NW whip group are having a second workshop on Avenham park. Saturday 26, from noon.

17 July 2006

Dare to Bare!

We have decided to try some theme nights. Obviously, the themes are not compulsory, they are just for ideas.

Dare-to-bare is our theme for the hot August night! So remember, "less is more".

Whip Workshop in Preston this Saturday 22 July.

A peer group/workshop for those interested in whips. The meeting will be held in a public park in Preston Lancashire, and is an opportunity for anyone who can make it to be able to talk about whips, learn from each other, and have some fun. Please be aware that it is a public park we don't really want reports in the local paper of people getting whipped. Think of it as an outdoor munch with whips. There will be a couple of whips available to share for those who are interested in whips but don't yet have their own.

For more details, see the Afterlife message board or NW UK whips.

June 2006

Preaching to the Perverted

zebra man

Congratulations to the Zebra man who won this month's competition for best costume.

Preaching to the Perverted

The prize was a brand new DVD of Preaching to the Perverted, the best fetish film ever.

25 May 2006


The delayed Preaching to the Perverted competition is now back on for 3 June.

The prize is for the best costume.

Members' Only

The "Members' Only" area is now called the "Private" area. This is because people kept thinking that it referred to some sort of club membership. In fact the password is given freely to anybody who comes to the night.

Afterlife is the only club of its type that does not have membership. It is one of the things that makes it such good value.

22 April 2006

We Are Back!

We have just receive word from Rick that the work on Blowing Wild has finally been completed. So we will be opening for 6 May.

To celebrate, everybody will get:

  • A Free Drink.
  • Free raffle entry. (The first prize is a DVD player)

See you there!

31 March 2006

April Afterlife Canceled

Message from the Blowing Wild management.

Although the repair work is going well (according to the d!ckheads who caused the problem in the first place), it is not complete & as such the structural engineers still won't let us use the building, this means that yet another month event has had to be canceled.

Please accept our sincere apologies, we have left it this late informing people because we had a vain hope that things might be sorted by this weekend.

We are hoping that there is good news on the way & as soon as we know we will email & post on the website.

Blowing Wild's normal clubnight is still going ahead in The Courtyard Bar, all Afterlifers welcome.

Rick, Graham & the Afterlife Team

4 March 2006

The Blowing Wild Club is having major work done on its foundations and is completely closed. This includes both floors of the main building and the courtyard bar. So even our even our backup plan of moving downstairs is not possible.

The Goth night, Dark Cide, has moved to another venue and so will not be affected.

Again, it was only late Friday night that we were told that the building would not be open. In view of that fact, we will not be passing on any more assurances that the club will be open. Instead, we will only announce that the club is open when we have actually been there.

Please check out the Members' Only section for details of other clubs. You can also use the bulletin board to see if anybody else has heard any news.

Obviously, the March competition is now the April Competition.

16 February 2006

Preaching to the Perverted

The March prize is a brand new DVD of Preaching to the Perverted, the best fetish film ever.

As always, the prize is for the best outfit so get your glad-rags on and get down here.

5 February 2006

Problems at Blowing Wild

On the evening of Friday 3 February, we learned that Blowing Wild had been shut down. After a frantic attempt to re-locate the night we were left with no choice but to cancel the evening.

Please believe that we did not do this lightly. Canceling the night was not giving up. In fact, it caused us a great deal of work. Not only did we have to phone and e-mail loads of people, but we spent the night outside the club to apologise and explain in person to the people who turned up.

We promise that we will do something to make it up to you in March.

The situation with the club is this. The building next door to Blowing Wild has had to be demolished. During the demolition, damage was done to the foundations of the gable wall of Blowing Wild. This damage is now being repaired. Blowing Wild itself has moved in to the recently refurbished Courtyard Bar so it is still open. Dark Cide is expected to be on as normal as well.

5 December 2005

Members' Only

There are two new sections on the Members' Only site. As ever, the password is available free to people on the night.


Trojan Steel has written a guide to playing and using the equipment safely.


Reviews of films and books with links so that you can buy them.

Body Painting

Emma, a professional festival entertainer came along to the last night to do some body painting. This was very much an experiment, but as it was quite popular we will be doing it again.

Emma will be away over December and January, but will be back after that. I will be posting pictures of her work and her e-mail address so that people can discuss what they would like with her beforehand.

Christmas 2005

The prize for the most 'Chrismassy' out fit was won by Clair for her special Mrs Christmas corset.

We also be gave prizes for the best costumes at the Christmas Party Night on Friday 16 December.

27 November 2005

All of the Hallowe'en pictures are now up on the members' only section.

See the competition page for details of the Christmas Competition.

Please note that our extra nights, 16 December and 6 January, are both on a Friday. So if you come on Saturday, you will miss it!

6 November 2005


Big thanks to everybody who made it to our Extreme Hallowe'en. Particularly to all the people who really pushed the boat out with their costumes.

Please do not keep asking me when the pictures are being posted! I am posting them on the members' only section as soon as I get them.

October 2005

Asian Earthquake

The Red Cross has set up a fund to help victims of the Asian Earthquake.

Donate to the Asian Earthquake appeal.

4 September 2005

Extra Party Nights


We are proud to announce our Hallowe'en party. Saturday 5 November.

This is our fancy(er) dress event. So please, everybody, Dress to Kill.

Christmas Party

We are delighted to announce our first ever Christmas Party. Friday 16 December. This is an extra night on top of our usual ones. We want to see lots of Santa's and Miss Claus'

New Year's Party

We are ecstatic to announce a New Year Party. Friday 6 January. So now we can really start the New Year off with a bang!

Party Competitions

Prizes will be given for the best dressed at the Hallowe'en and Christmas Parties!

New Stalls

Aren't the new stalls brilliant?


Devus Stall

Devus Limited have an incredibly huge stock of toys, lotions, leather gear.

Hurricane Katrina

The Red Cross has sent up a fund to help with the situation in New Orleans.

Donate to the Hurricane Katrina fund.

1 August 2005


Mike has confirmed that there will definitely be a camera and tripod at the next event. So now you can all get some good pictures without worrying about scarring the nice people at Boots.

Better yet, you can put them up on the Members' Only gallery.

29 July 2005

Lestat Couture

The latest confirmed stall for August is Lestat Couture, hand made Victorian and Gothic clothing.


We are intending to do some filming on the 6 of August night. This will used for background films projected onto the screen behind the dance floor. Anybody is welcome to take part, just ask one of the organisers.

10 July 2005

London Bombings

A fund has been set up by the Mayor of London, with the British Red Cross, to raise money for the victims of the explosions and their families.

Donate to London Bombings Relief Fund.

3 July 2005

We Are Still Here!

A big thank you to all the people who made it to Afterlife last night. Despite the season, Live 8 and weeks of mis-information the night went.

It was especially good to see so many new people playing. There should be some new pictures appearing in the Members Only Gallery soon.

2 July 2005

New Members' Only Section

The new Members' Only section is now working. Access to this part of the site is available only to people who come to the events.

This means that the sneak preview of the new Message Board is now closed to the general public.

22 June 2005

New Message Board

Username: *******
Password: ******

By popular demand (so please use it)! Here is a sneak preview of the new message board I am building for this site. It is called "Life After Afterlife". It is perfectly usable, I am currently working on the appearance and adding new features.

It is in the password protected members area, so please note that the password will change after the next event.

I am launching the message board this way, because I do not know how long the Curious Club one will continue.

The Second to Know

This is what I have found out. For reasons unknown, the event that was being set up at the Inferno nightclub has fallen through. This left the owners of the Curious Club equipment and website without a buyer. So they approached the owners of Blowing Wild and offered it to them. The sale was agreed and the website re-directed here.

The net result of all this is that nothing as changed for you!

21 June 2005


Anybody logging on to today will have been redirected here. In view of recent history, this requires an explanation. As soon as I have one, you will be the second to know!

In the meantime, I will order my slaves to get the bulletin board ready as quickly as possible.

19 June 2005

Free Vodka!

Just when you think things cannot get better they do! Every one who comes to the next Afterlife on 2 July will get a shot of vodka on the house.

17 June 2005

Afterlife and The Curious Club

This is rumor control!

Please be aware of the following facts.

  • The next Afterlife will take place on the first Saturday of July at Blowing Wild just as we have always said.
  • The scene in Preston is not in danger- on the contrary, a new night is starting.
  • None of the rumors flying around have come from us.
  • The following facts have only been known to us since 11 June 2005.

This site was launched a few days ago with the message:

Afterlife is the new name for the Curious Club

News has just been posted on the Curious Club website that the Club is moving to a new location. Some explanation is needed.

Once upon a time, there was a night called The Curious Club at Blowing Wild nightclub on the first Saturday of each month. The Curious Club was the best night out Preston had ever seen, but was a lot of hard work to run. Recently, the owners/organisers decided that they could not carry on doing it and asked some of their friends to take over. That is us.

We all put our heads together to think of as many ways as possible to make the night even better. One of the ideas we had was for a new name to mark a sort of re-launch. Which is why the last night was called Afterlife and why this website was produced. One of the reasons we thought we needed this was that we kept hearing odd rumors that the night was closing down or moving.

What we did not learn until very recently was that somebody was negotiating to buy the equipment and the name. When we did find out, we contacted the owner of Blowing Wild to confirm that he was happy for us to stay and sourced some new equipment. Once we had done this, we were secure.

Obviously, it would not have been ethical to spread further rumors or tell anybody about the sale before it was finalised. That is the only reason we have not said anything before and we are very sorry if some people have been left confused.

None of this will have any effect on you or your favorite night out.

We look forward to seeing what the new event is like. We will even link to it from our links page as soon as details become available. The Curious Club site does not seem to be taking the same attitude. All references to Afterlife have been removed from the bulletin board. This probably reflects the fact that the new event is being run for profit. Presumably, that makes Afterlife the competition. We do not see the new life as competition because we are only in it to bring you a good night out.

The previous news items will be left up because they were correct (as far as we knew) at the time.

3 June 2005

From the Management

As many of you may know, the Management of the Curious Club has recently being experiencing some difficulties. Because nothing must be allowed to endanger the best night-out in the North West, a new management team has been created.

The main difference is that our team is now much larger. This allows the work (yes, it is work!) to be spread out more fairly. We have also been able build Paul and Kirsty's vision into a long term plan of continued improvement.

Please bear in mind that change is always a slow and difficult if not painful process- bear with us, it will be worth it.

Please use our Message Board to join in with your ideas. You can also help by filling in one of the questionnaires we will giving out at the next event. These also offer the chance to win a copy of Secretary on DVD.

And Finally...Lets Party!

Changes Underway

New Music

We are please to announce new DJs from top Manchester clubs such as Sin City. They are bringing new music that Preston has never heard before. We are also welcoming back some favorite DJs who have not played for a while.

A New Brand

We will be changing our name to "Afterlife" and advertising ourselves more broadly. This does not mean that we are dropping the fetish element, we are adding to it and aiming to bring new people into the scene. The dress code stays and will be enforced.

Changes Coming Soon

Pole Dancers

Films and light shows

Even More Equipment

Associated Membership

Interested groups can now apply for associated membership. The University Rock Soc has already been accepted.

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